Bing to front ‘Healthy Habits for Children’ campaign in Italy

“Millions of Italian families have welcomed Bing into their cherished daily routines, so to see our show lead this incredibly important campaign is fantastic,” said Mikael Shields, CEO at Acamar Films.

Acamar Films’ Bing has been selected to front a new campaign from the Italian Society of Paediatrics and nursery trade association, Assonidi.

The campaign – Healthy Habits for Children – is the first of its kind to be launched by the national medical body and will see Bing and his friends guide and encourage young children to adopt recommended habits. From coping with change to visiting the doctor, resources, clips and activities featuring Bing will be available to support children.

The campaign’s first theme, Growing with Bing, launches this month and focuses on nutrition, supporting families on the importance of fruit and vegetables in a child’s diet and why drinking water and milk is important. Families, doctors and teachers will have access to Bing-themed recipe cards, activity sheets and videos with approved messaging from the Italian Society of Paediatrics.

These resources will be distributed via Assonidi to all their 400 associated nurseries and families within the nurseries, as well as in the Italian Society of Paediatrics’ doctors surgeries.

“We are honoured to have our efforts recognised by the Italian Society of Paediatrics and Assonidi,” said Mikael Shields, CEO at Acamar Films.

“We work tirelessly to ensure that our Bing episodes truly reflect the authentic lives of young children, and support healthy growth and development. Millions of Italian families have welcomed Bing into their cherished daily routines, so to see our show and its characters lead this incredibly important and long-running campaign, set to support families across Italy, really is fantastic.”

Annamaria Staiano, President of the Italian Society of Paediatrics, added: “We are happy that a character as loved by children as Bing can become, thanks to this campaign, an ‘ambassador’ of lifestyles to help our children and grandchildren grow up healthy and become healthy adults.

“This partnership with Acamar and Assonidi is an important step towards the realisation of our mission: to promote the psychophysical health of children and their social well-being.”

Bing licensing opportunities with Italy are being managed by Maurizio Distefano Licensing.

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