BLE tips & tricks with… Rocket Licensing’s Rob Wijeratna

With BLE just around the corner, we picked the brains of regular attendees and exhibitors on how to make the most of the show. Up next is Rocket Licensing’s Rob Wijeratna.

Rob, thanks for making time. When did you first attend BLE?
I remember the very first BLE at The Landmark, way back in 1999! I was at BBC Worldwide and Teletubbies was becoming a huge global brand. Our first BLE as Rocket Licensing was in 2007, our inaugural year. I distinctly remember the very compact stand, small table and two uncomfortable, impossible to sit on bar stools. However, it was the first – and start – of many years of exciting and memorable BLEs.

What’s been your best BLE memory?
I have lots of great memories – often related to our annual Rocket Challenge – such as playing conkers, Olympic fencing with Puss in Boots or shooting Stay Puft. But the perhaps the most memorable was when we repped Hornby and had a sizeable Scalextric track built into the stand. We had lots of industry partners and colleagues racing for the Rocket Challenge Cup. It was incredible to see very senior besuited executives racing and having lots of fun, just as if they were 12 again!

Ha! Sounds great. And what for you makes for a good BLE meeting?
Great brands and partners – both potential and existing – with lots of good vibes and ‘can do’ energy. They’re all vital ingredients in the licensing mix!

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What’s your key aim for this year’s BLE?
Continue to ensure our brands engage with ‘best in class’ partners, from a myriad of industries and categories, while continuing to be as innovative, creative and commercial as possible.

Before we let you go, can you give us a BLE tip or recommendation? Could be a restaurant, pub, venue or show advice…
An evening drink at a lovely historic pub called The Gun in the Isle of Dogs. It’s only 25 minutes away via Canary Wharf and is well worth a visit.

Noted! Last question: Where is Rocket housed at this year’s show?
We’re at A205.

Great stuff. Thanks again!

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BLE 2023 runs at ExCeL London from October 4th to 6th 2023.

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