BLE tips & tricks with… Start Licensing’s Ian Downes

With BLE fast approaching, we picked the brains of regular attendees and exhibitors on how to make the most of the show. Up next, we have Start Licensing’s Ian Downes…

Ian, aways great to chat! When did you first attend BLE?
I think I have been to every edition of BLE and – as a veteran – a number of the shows that ran before it. I must be near to qualifying for a Long Service Medal!

I’m sure one’s in the post! What’s your best BLE memory?
There are a lot! I always enjoy the show and find it very worthwhile. Hosting our client Nadiya Hussain at the show was a highlight. Nadiya was interviewed at the show and she attracted a large audience who all seemed genuinely excited to see her. It was a real feel-good moment and one that helped set us on the course to a successful licensing programme.

I remember that! It was a great session. Now, what makes a good BLE meeting?
Preparation. Know your stuff and be focused in your approach. Also, research companies and use the BLE matchmaking service to connect with them. I have found it very effective.

Good tip! What’s your key objective for this year’s BLE?
Making sure we get a good mix of meetings between existing partners and new ones. It’s important to proactively manage your existing business and BLE is a really efficient way of catching up with partners.

Before we let you go, give us a BLE tip or recommendation… Could be a restaurant, pub, venue or show advice…
Take a trip out from ExCel in the evening. Transport links are better than ever and there is scope to explore London. I would recommend a few of the Riverside pubs in Wapping like the Captain Kidd. It’s a very relaxing pub where you can watch the world go by and re-charge your batteries.

Captain Kidd – I’ve made a note! And where is your stand this year Ian?
We’re at A240.

Fab! Thanks again Ian.

If you still haven’t registered for BLE this year, click here to do so!

The show runs at ExCeL London from October 4th to 6th 2023.

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