Coachella returns to Fortnite

Coachella Island boasts themed items, team vs. team minigames and Coachella 2023 performer Porter Robinson will be playing in-game.

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival has embarked on its second collaboration with Fortnite, reimagining the event in-game as Coachella Island.

Created by Alliance Studios in collaboration with Epic Games, Coachella Island boasts themed team vs. team minigames like the Mirage Time Warp that sees players speed-run past iconic Coachella moments.

Players can also explore the Art Park and festival installations like Spectra, the ferris wheel and the balloon chain, while Coachella 2023 performer Porter Robinson will also be playing on the island.

A range of themed Coachella items will also be available, including the Sunset Alto and Desert Dawn Lyric outifts.

Coachella Island will be available to explore from April 14th to April 28th. Check out what to expect from the in-game experience below:

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