Creative Voices Unite: Skew’s Not Just Colouring In survey needs you!

Skew’s Oliver Dyer sheds light on a new initiative designed to celebrate the invaluable contributions of creatives within the licensing industry.

Skew is excited to invite creative professionals to participate in the ‘Not Just Colouring In’ (NJCI) survey. This initiative is designed to spotlight and celebrate the invaluable contributions of creatives within the licensing industry.

Currently, there exists a disconnect between creative input and profits. Creative teams produce, and executives handle the deals and therefore receive most of the recognition. NJCI aims to bridge this gap, acknowledging both sides’ contributions.

What is NJCI?
NJCI is a call to arms for creatives. It’s about amplifying your voice, recognising creatives’ worth, and building a community. Whether you’re a designer, a marketing expert, a team lead, or a creative director, Skew wants to hear from you. If you work at or with licensees, licensors, brands, retailers, licensing agents, or agencies, your perspective is invaluable. It is also open to all levels of seniority, whether you’ve worked in the industry for four months or 40 years.

Why Participate?
Amplify Your Voice: NJCI is your platform to share your experiences, challenges, and what changes you would like to see in the industry.

Recognise Your Value: Skew plans to produce an NJCI report to illustrate the exceptional value creative professionals bring to the industry.

Build a Community: The NJCI survey is the first step in our mission to create a network of creatives that can help each other grow.

How to Get Involved:
Participating in the NJCI survey is easy and takes only five minutes. There are no trick questions or wrong answers; this survey is about creatives’ lived experience throughout their careers. Your insights will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s creative landscape.

You can complete the NJCI survey 🇬🇧 or 🇺🇸 and make your voice heard.

For more information about the NJCI survey and Skew, please contact:

Felicity Blades, Marketing Manager @ Skew

Or go to

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