Dobble’s Dobbly to get the Scouts treatment in new merch range

The partnership between Asmodee and Scout Store will also see the launch of a Scouts edition of Dobble.

The Scout Store has entered into a licensing partnership with Asmodee to develop a range of licensed ‘Dobbly-as-Scout’ merchandise, featuring the mascot from the smash-hit game Dobble.

The partnership will also see the launch of a Scouts edition of Dobble, developed in parallel by Asmodee.

“This new license agreement signed with Asmodee is the culmination of Scout Store’s license strategy: partnering with a globally recognised company whose values and ethos align with our Scout values,” said Thomas Robertson, Scout Store’s Managing Director.

“As an integral part of our strategy, we believe that a Scout version of the famous Dobble will help our customers and members relate to the products and therefore increase their connection and experience while playing the game. We are delighted to see that our new friends at Asmodee also share this vision and we can’t wait to see the new range of Scout Dobbly products in the market.”

Alexander Thieme, Licensing Manager at Asmodee Entertainment, added: “Helping this partnership to become reality has been a great honour and joy. The upcoming range of merchandise and the game itself will undoubtedly bring lots of joy to Dobble fans in the UK and no doubt become instant collectibles.”

The Scouts game and Dobbly merchandise range is expected to release in Spring 2023.

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