Scrabble by the book: Publishing Manager Gerry Breslin on branded dictionaries by HarperCollins

As Scrabble turns 75, Gerry Breslin discusses how HarperCollins extends the brand in books

Tomato Source’s Jon Morse on the two hats you have to wear when designing licensed products

Jon Morse – Senior Designer and Creative Lead at Tomato Source ­– discusses sustainability, fandom and trendspotting.

Jamie Anderson reveals what’s in store at The Cartoon Museum’s Gerry Anderson Exhibition

Anderson Entertainment’s MD, Jamie Anderson, discusses the art of Gerry Anderson brands

Liz Peters, Head of Portfolio UK and Ireland at tonies®, discusses what makes a great brand partner

Why Liz Peters never says never when looking for licenses at tonies®

IMC Toys’ Julia Majure and Virginia Corbella discuss bringing something fresh to the doll aisle with Cry Babies

IMC Toys’ Julia Majure and Virginia Corbella explain what inventors need to know about creating for Cry Babies.

Cheryl Graham – Licensing Manager at Quorn – on expanding the scope of the meat free brand

Quorn’s Cheryl Graham on sustainability, brand design and recipes!

Identity Games’s Chief Creative, JM Duparc, discusses how The Traitors went from TV show to family game

What makes The Traitors and Miffy right for Identity Games? JM Duparc on licenses old and new.

Lauren Shipman, Group Brand and Marketing Director at Posh Paws, on why they’re open to anything…

Lauren Shipman, talks Posh Paws, changing landscapes – and what’s on the horizon in plush.

Ringers Western CEO Andrew MacDonald on bringing Bundaberg Rum into country clothing

Andrew MacDonald – Founder and CEO at Ringers Western – on why his company and Bundaberg Rum go hand in hand.

Joash Nelson-Piercy of Labre’s Hope on how the value-driven soap brand is tackling homelessness

Joash Nelson-Piercy, Director and Services Manager at Labre’s Hope, on the design process behind the firm’s luxury soaps – and the cause that drives the business.

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