Designer Ryan Miller takes us inside the development of The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game

We caught up with Ryan to find out more about the origins of his Princess Bride game – and find out how improv comedy shapes how he tackles design.

Wrist World – a tech start-up run by teenagers – talk us through their innovative collaboration with virtual pop star Hatsune Miku

We caught up with the young team at Wrist World about the origins of their Miku band – and what brands they’re looking to collaborate with moving forward.

London Toy Company founder, Joel Berkowitz, talks plush toys and lush licensing

Joel Berkowitz reveals how he started London Toy Company in a flash of inspiration.

Chinti & Parker’s Anna Singh on celebrating colours and creativity with Crayola

Anna Singh, Co-Founder at Chinti & Parker, talks about designing the range – and why Crayola proved a perfect fit for the knitwear firm.

Victoria Whellans on WildBrain CPLG’s growing lifestyle portfolio

Victoria Whellans tells us how WildBrain CPLG expands its entertainment, sport and brand licensing.

Floral Street’s Michelle Feeney on sustainability, creativity and crafting Van Gogh Museum fragrances

Floral Street Founder Michelle Feeney explains how the team approached bringing the Van Gogh Museum into fragrances.

Victoria Preston on how The Brand Informer is helping retailers of all shapes and sizes embrace licensing

We caught up with Victoria to find out more about the origins of The Brand Informer, and how it’s helping change the relationship between retailers and brands.

OddFellows’ Chris DiVito and Mohan Kumar on bringing ODB into ice cream – and the brands they’d love to work with

OddFellows Co-Founder Mohan Kumar and the firm’s Creative Director, Chris DiVito, tell us about the firm’s approach to translating eclectic brands into great tasting ice cream.

House of Mandela’s Tukwini Mandela on telling the family story through creative brand collaborations

Tukwini Mandela – Marketing Director at House of Mandela and granddaughter of Nelson Mandela – talks us through how House of Mandela approaches licensing, delving into launches in wine and a recent partnership with KITH.

LAVAIR’s Lacey Gray on the collaborative design process behind the sneaker firm’s SEGA Mega Drive collection

Lacey Gray, Chief Marketing Officer at LAVAIR, talks us through the design process behind the SEGA Mega Drive range.

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