Marketing kids’ brands in the ever-changing digital space

Jack Day, Commercial Director at KidsKnowBest, looks at how can the owners of childrens’ brands can better measure the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

The Brand Radar: Animal Planet, DC Thomson and how brands win in the competitive world of children’s magazines

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at the competitive world of children’s magazines, and dives into a new licensed launch: Animal Planet by DC Thomson.

The Opinionated Designer: How Starter’s Budweiser collaboration is fuelling the fire of alcohol licensing

In the first of a new regular column, Designer and Creative Consultant Emma Horton looks at how booze brands are making a splash in fashion.

The Brand Radar: National Trust, Sarsen Stone Group and innovation in heritage licensing

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at how creativity and authenticity fuel innovation around heritage brands, highlighting the National Trust Tile Collection from Sarsen Stone Group.

Colin the Caterpillar vs Cuthbert the Caterpillar: Does the case have legs?

Wynne-Jones IP’s Victor Caddy looks at the case of clashing cakes and what it means for the future of both brands.

License to thrill: How to make brands soar in toys and games

Heayes Design’s Richard Heayes looks at how to successfully bring brands to life in the toy and games space.

The Brand Radar: Royal Mail, Rug Maker and how to make stamps stick in licensing

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at how Royal Mail has cemented the iconic design status of its Machin stamps through a smart partnership with Rug Maker.

The Brand Radar: Nerf, Gramercy and how to succeed in specialist markets

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at how toy brands have embraced licensing, highlighting a partnership between Hasbro and Gramercy that fired Nerf into the dog toy space.

The Brand Radar: Nadiya Hussain, Wilton Bradley and why authenticity is key to successful personality licensing

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at the world of celebrity licensing, shining a spotlight on Nadiya Hussain’s partnership with toy firm Wilton Bradley.

Brands and the shopping experience

KidsKnowBest CEO and Co-Founder Joel Silverman looks how brands are balancing having an online retail presence with physical experiences, and what it means for the future of the shopping experience.

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