Tickle Me Elmo co-inventor Ron Dubren on creativity, in-house champions and ‘Elmo’s Law’

Ron Dubren talks Tickle Me Elmo, inventor collaborations – and his most underrated creation.

Hasbro and Sugarfina launch limited edition of Candy Land containing real sweets

“We were excited to innovate the beloved childhood game, while bringing a new way of candy tasting to grown-ups and children alike,” said Scott LaPorta, CEO and Co-Investor of Sugarfina.

From Bond to Batwheels: Frank Tiessen, President of Carrera Revell Of Americas, discusses new brand collaborations

As Carrera celebrates its 60th anniversary, Frank Tiessen reveals the secret to the brand’s longevity.

Vize’s Adam Colp and James Oddy discuss crafting creepy creative…

Vize’s Adam Colp and James Oddy discuss working on classic horror brands like Universal Monsters, American Psycho and Stranger Things…

How did A Charlie Brown Christmas become a board game? Scott Shillet on what’s new at Peanuts

Scott Shillet, VP, Global Hardlines and Promotions, Peanuts Worldwide LLC, on working with Funko Games

Creative Voices Unite: Skew’s Not Just Colouring In survey needs you!

Skew’s Oliver Dyer sheds light on a new initiative designed to celebrate the invaluable contributions of creatives within the licensing industry.

NERF Action Xperience centres to open in China from 2025

“NERF Action Xperience is a perfect example of how the spirit of the NERF brand can be translated to new and truly immersive touchpoints for fans,” said Matt Proulx, VP of Global Experiences, Partnerships and Music at Hasbro.

SAW gets the board game treatment from Iconiq Studios

“We are passionate about tabletop gaming, and we wanted to create something that immerses you in the world of SAW – while also being a game you’ll want to regularly bring to the table,” said Luke Melia, designer of SAW: The Jigsaw Trials.

Sound Leisure to launch Wurlitzer jukeboxes in 2024

“Wurlitzer’s original brand mission was to bring people together through the joy of music and we look forward to seeing how this line of jukeboxes delight and inspire music lovers in new ways,” said Gudrun Wurlitzer, President of Wurlitzer.

Kids Industries completes rebrand for Character.com

“A smile forms the basis of the brand world, threading it throughout the assets and bringing it to life in the logo through the logotype,” said Raj Pathmanathan, Creative Director at KI.

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