Bing to front ‘Healthy Habits for Children’ campaign in Italy

“Millions of Italian families have welcomed Bing into their cherished daily routines, so to see our show lead this incredibly important campaign is fantastic,” said Mikael Shields, CEO at Acamar Films.

Acamar Films welcomes Katie Rollings as Chief Licensing Officer

“Bing has such a huge potential for growth – I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to lead this talented team,” said Katie.

Chester Zoo readies Bing experiences

“Bing – with his enthusiastic approach to the natural world – is a great way to highlight some of the incredible species we share our planet with,” said Dominic Strange, Commercial Director at Chester Zoo.

Acamar Films launches The Bing Store at Glasgow Fort

“Delighting children is the motivation for everything that we do at Acamar Films and it is exhilarating to be opening such an innovative retail experience with British Land,” said Kirsty Southgate, Director of Experiential & Promotions at Acamar Films

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