Asembl brings Golden Gaytime ice cream into pancakes and cupcakes with Green’s

“Our clever baking team has been working behind the scenes and developed two more ways for Australians to enjoy their much-loved Golden Gaytime flavours,” said Green’s Head of Marketing & Innovation, Peta Allsopp.

Dusk debuts fragrances based on Streets’ ice cream brands

Bubble O’Bill, Golden Gaytime, Rainbow Paddle Pop and Splice are the focus of a new range of candles, fragrant oils, tealights and melts.

Asembl brings ice cream brand Weis into muesli bars with Bounce Foods

“It is the first time Weis has been outside of the freezer and what better place for these iconic flavours to land than in the muesli bar aisle as part of a partnership with Bounce,” said Asembl MD Justin Watson.

Bubble O’Bill swaps ice cream for chocolate with Chocolatier Australia partnership

In a deal negotiated by Unilever Australia’s brand extension agency Asembl, Chocolatier Australia is launching a Bubble O’Bill milk chocolate Easter Egg.

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