Work, werewolves and writers: Etienne Bonnin discusses his role at Asmodee Entertainment

What’s cooking at Asmodee Entertainment? Etienne Bonnin – Senior Manager for Media Development and Licensing – lifts the lid…

Asmodee Entertainment’s Christian Dunn discusses taking board game IP into interactive spaces

Board games and beyond, with Christian Dunn – Interactive Licensing Manager at Asmodee Entertainment.

Megan Lowe, Senior Licensing Manager, on how Winning Moves UK make, sell and play games!

With a huge range of licenses to their name, we catch up with Winning Moves UK’s Megan Lowe

SMG’s Gemma Woodward discusses 100 years of The Flying Scotsman – and why the brand is thriving

Toys, teas and tins of treats: Gemma Woodward on why The Flying Scotsman brand isn’t slowing down…

Erin Zipperle discusses the design and launch of Rollacrit’s CATAN merchandise

Why golden fields and lush forests mean so much to Rollacrit’s CEO, Erin Zipperle

Ata-Boy co-owner, Jude Albright, on partnering with Asmodee Entertainment to create CATAN merchandise

Jude Albright, Director of Licensing at Ata-Boy, discusses creating CATAN keychains, magnets and more.

Knackiness, knottyness, and placing bets: Make It Real’s Isaac Wolman discusses licensing

Isaac Wolman on what Make It Real looks for licenses and innovation.

Dean Tempest, co-founder of Big Potato Games, on blockbuster licensing – and licensing Blockbuster

Big Potato’s Dean Tempest discusses blending IP, execution and gameplay.

Alice Bernardi, Director of International Brand Licensing at Banijay Brands, talks Peaky Blinders and more

From Peaky Blinders and Mr Bean to Simon’s Cat and MasterChef: Alice Bernardi on Banijay Brands

Just Play UK’s Licensing Manager, Charlotte Rodgers, discusses plans, brands and toy-fair stands

Charlotte Rodgers offers insight into Just Play UK’s licensing and future plans

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