WildBrain’s Elizabeth Litten Miller on sparking joy – and conversation – with KOI’s Teletubbies footwear

Elizabeth Litten Miller – WildBrain’s Vice President of Franchise Strategy – on why fashion remains at the heart of the Teletubbies brand.

CAA Brand Management takes us inside recent Playboy footwear launches with KOI and DUKE + DEXTER

From archive artwork to platform heels, the team at CAA Brand Management reveal design highlights from KOI and DUKE + DEXTER’s recent Playboy collections.

KOI’s Uzair Ahmad and Madeline Wood on designing distinctive licensed footwear

KOI’s Founder and Creative Director Uzair Ahmad and Footwear Designer Madeline Wood talk us through KOI’s recent collaboration with Playboy.

Koi launches Teletubbies footwear

The Tubbytronic Dipsy Boots are ‘Teletubbies meets goth’, with the vegan boots adorned with silver chains and a Dipsy head.

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