Larkshead to helm licensing push for Sweet Cherry’s publishing portfolio

“By extending the retail footprint of our authors and their stories, we will be able to offer our fanbase engaging ways to further enjoy their favourite brands,” said Sweet Cherry MD Abdul Thadha.

Scatterbrain Studios welcomes Larkshead Licensing as brand’s global licensing agency

“I can’t wait to see Mr Kitty and his friends feature on an array of design-led lifestyle products,” said Julia Broughton, Creator and Owner of Scatterbrain Studios.

Talking Brands: Which brand deserves its own graphic novel or comic book series?

Design_lead_play’s Darren Lee Phillipson, SBC’s Sophie Bloomfield, Vonner Studios’ David Vonner, Aardman’s Danny Heffer, footwear designer Chris Hill and Larkshead Licensing’s Lindsey Chester tell us which characters and brands should get the comic book treatment.

Time Bomb Comics passes Kickstarter goal for Gerry Anderson anthology

The anthology features three new comics set in worlds created by Gerry Anderson: New Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct and Terrahawks.

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